Just like the title says,

it all starts here. Welcome everyone to the OFFICIAL launch of the “Don’t Be Mad” Podcast and our website “The Connect”. Very excited to hearing from you all!! What you think about the Podcast, website and everything else?

This week, we released Episode #1 of the podcast in which we discuss the reemergence of white supremacist, Neo-Nazi and how the Trump presidency has played a role in this. Click here to stream or download the episode. (The download option is on the bottom right of the main image)

Also, if you guys want to be active in the conversations we have on the podcast, we will be creating related topics on the forums. Signup and tell us what’s on your mind, especially if you disagree!

Again I’d like to thank you all for your support and I hope we can give you all some great entertainment and informative debates.

Thank you / Merci