Season 1,

Episode 9: A New Way to Brand (Feat. Ash & Miro)

October 08, 2017

How to Brand the right way

Today we have a special treat for you guys! We sit down with creative directors Ash (Ashgrxphics) & Miro (Miro LaFlaga) to talk about creating brand identities.

On October the 19th, they will be hosting a fundraiser at Le Belmont called ” Mutants Back in Action”. Its to benefit the “Oasis des Enfants de Rosemont” youth center in Montreal.

For tickets and information please click here

Ash & Miro work with businesses and artists in helping them create their own brand identity by push them to outside of their comfort zone.

We talk about the creative scene in Montreal, their future aspirations and what makes them mad.

Ash & Miro bring a new and refreshing take on what it means to be creatives in Montreal. Please support them by taking a look at their work in the links bellow.


Miro links:

Ash links:


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