Season 1,
41:34 MINS

Episode 3: T.V. Binge Junkies

August 28, 2017

You know you all do!

That’s right we know! You all binge the hell outta T.V. shows, especially your GOT, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black.

Well we love a good binge watching as well!!! ¬†This week’s podcast we talk about some of the shows we are currently watching and we take some time to do a little recap on the big fight on Saturday.

We would also like to do something for our friends to the south. They are experiencing hard times due to Hurricane Harvey. By Clicking here you can donate to disaster relief efforts to help those who are in need. (By no means you are obligated to do this we just want to do something nice!!!!) 

Please enjoy this week’s episode you TV Junkies.

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