Hey everyone, It’s Matthew!

Originally I was planning on writing a follow up to last week’s episode; but given the events that passed this weekend, I felt it was more appropriate to make a small address instead. You might be wondering why I would not just save it for the upcoming episode? Well the episode you will be hearing this week was pre-recorded. The Don’t Be Mad team was fortunate to have some special guests join us, and that episode is being released this upcoming Monday. For that reason this blog post is that much more important.

As many of you may know the past weekend was filled with pain, anger, and confusion as two attacks took place; one in Edmonton, and another in Las Vegas. Though the attack in Edmonton was stopped before massive casualties were capable, Las Vegas was not as fortunate. Now I do not want to rehash the details of the events as we have heard so much about it already. I just want to send my sincere and deepest condolences from our team here at the Don’t Be Mad Podcast to everyone who was affected by these two attacks. It is unfortunate that we are reminded of the most important things in life during times of tragedy, but we have to stay strong, support each other, and not allow ourselves to become irrational at a time like this. Be loving, supportive, and uplifting to those around you. 

Enjoy your weekend, tell someone you love them, and be safe! To my fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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